Jason Parlour

Welcome to the website of Jason Parlour : a Jason of All Trades (well, quite a few at least). I may well have been ‘Jack’ in a previous life?

I’m passionate about learning through immersive experiences, and so I feel very lucky that there are so many things I’ve had the joy to learn about already.

Most recently, whilst running a small boutique hotel in Surrey, I realised I’d never sailed before (or even set foot on a sail boat), so to help learn, I signed up to a race, leaving literally the day after my hotel lease ended (1st Sept 2013), to sail 20,000 miles over 5 months, from London to Australia.  This was through hurricane conditions, with three ocean crossings, competing in the world famous Sydney-Hobart Race in the process, on a small 70 foot racing yacht, shared with up to 22 strangers!

I’ve now moved to NZ (following on from a long term dream to get out here by 2012, after my first visit in 1996), and so am now focused on just a few key areas;

  • establishing myself in the movie industry as a stills photographer,
  • writing a series of books (and accompanying videos and audio books) to accompany previous training workshops I’ve been delivering in the corporate sector for about 10 years, in a series of techniques titled Minutes a Day,
  • pitching TV show ideas and myself as ‘on-screen talent’ to media production companies around the world,
  • continuing my work as a professional massage therapist.

If you’d like to read a little more about me and my background, you might be interested in reading a bit of a random list of things I’ve previously been involved with on my biography page (as you can see, ‘life experiences’ is not something I’ve been short of so far).