Jason Parlour

I’m passionate about learning through immersive experiences, and so I feel very lucky that there are so many things I’ve had the joy to learn about already.

I’ve now moved to NZ (following on from a long term goal to move here by this time, after my first visit in 1996), and have decided to settle in Wellington.  It’s the place I’ve found to feel most at home.  The people, the culture, the opportunities here, are just so incredible.

Over the last year, I’ve had a superb sabbatical; writing my book, developing contacts to work in the movie industry as a stills photographer, continuing as a professional massage therapist, being involved in the circus, and developing an incredible network of great friends around the city.

I’m now moving back into the corporate world again as a website developer and project manager.

If you’d like to read a little more about me and my background, you might be interested in reading a bit of a random list of things I’ve previously been involved with on my biography page (as you can see, ‘life experiences’ is not something I’ve been short of so far).

If you’re looking for the previous photography website hosted on this domain, please visit the new domain name www.parlour.co/, or for my new movie photography please visit www.JasonParlour.net