Making all my dreams come true…

I’m here.

In the late 1990’s, I set myself a target : to retire by 2012 (aged 35), emigrate to New Zealand with a million in the bank, and still have my health to enjoy it.

After working mostly 100 hour weeks for most of the last 13 years, I was about 18 months behind my planned schedule, and quite a lot under budget (depending on your currency), but my health is fortunately still great, and I’m now here in NZ, living my dream.

My VW California Campervan was shipped out to arrive a couple of months after I got here.  So I’m now sat in it, in a gorgeous secluded valley with a river alongside, near a gorgeous beach on the North Island, the waves slowly rolling across the sandy shore.

I have enough money coming in from my investments in the UK, to just about support myself financially for the immediate future (so long as I’m careful, with just a few hours a week managing various things remotely via email).

I fortunate to have developed a good few strings to my bow, that I can call on as desired, so when I want to earn some extra money to pay for something special, I have plenty of options to choose from.  With the work I’ve previously done, I’m also not afraid of the hard work, rolling up my sleeves, and whatever it may take to get there.

For the last two months (waiting for the camper to arrive), I’ve restricted myself to relaxing in the bigger cities, just switching between Auckland and Wellington.  In the process, meeting loads of incredible people, integrating with the locals, and enjoying each and every day.

With my camper now here, I now have the freedom to go beyond.  To explore new lands.  To seek out new ideas.  To boldly go where I’ve been dreaming of going for so long.

It’s an amazing feeling.

So what do I do when all my dreams have come true?
Enjoy it.